Rochelle Alikay, most well known on Youtube as Blackonyx77, was one of the first natural haircare, lifestyle and fashion vloggers to inspire subscribers to embrace their natural selves through consistent content that focused on hair tutorials, makeup reviews, cooking, how to’s, health, and motivational videos. Blackonyx77’s inspiring and contagious persona has resonated through the minds and hearts of more than 100,000 subscribers, and continues to grow into a brand that supports business, beauty, and lifestyle.


Rochelle Alikay embraces motherhood to the fullest while being a business mogul. She has managed to perfect the daily motherly tasks to what she personally termed as a “organized juggle.” Her little miracle, Landon, is her daily motivation and the special bond they have is what keeps her grounded through all the ups and downs of life. Family always comes first and raising a young gentleman is top priority in the life of this mother-preneur. No matter what comes her way, Rochelle Alikay will always remain true to her motherly calling and hopes to inspire women to follow their dreams and assure that you do not need to sacrifice family over a career to become successful.


Rochelle Alikay, CEO., differentiates herself from the rest of the crowd as a global mogul that has launched a multitude of brands that are focused on Rochelle Alikay’s philanthropist passion to lend a helping hand to those in need. Rochelle Alikay continues to grow her empire through strategic maneuvers in this ever changing industry.


Supportive, dedicated, and loving are seldom ways to describe the role of Rochelle Alikay as a wife to her husband and business partner, Demond Campbell, COO., of Alikay Naturals. From the first time they crossed paths in church in 2009, they knew it was destined to be. Through extensive mutual support and trust, the lovely couple defines the epitome of relationship goals by displaying the fruits of consistent support, trust, and determination with 9 years of marriage and counting! Rochelle Alikay has flourished and blossomed into an inspiration to all that cross her path by providing consistent, genuine marital advice in hopes of setting the example that you can be an independent, career driven woman and simultaneously remain a loving, supportive wife.

Motivational Speaker

One of many of Rochelle Alikay’s ambitions in life is to motivate others to follow and conquer their dreams. She emphasizes with hard work and perseverance you can attain your goals and achieve whatever you set your mind to. Rochelle Alikay continuously remains active within the community through events such as RISE Women Empowerment to focus on empowering women to take ahold of their dreams and bring them to fruition. In addition, she mentors young women and girls around the world.