Come and learn how to successfully grow and manage your business from the influential Rochelle Alikay, CEO of a multitude of brands such as Alikay Naturals hair and body care line, Be Fabulous Salon, Blackonyx77 Youtube channel, Mogul University, and RISE Women Empowerment. Rochelle Alikay started her business from humble beginnings and has continually grown her empire into an international brand found in many retailers such as Target, Sally Beauty Supply, Kroger’s, and many more.

Rochelle Alikay takes the stage to teach women the tools of the trade on how to build a successful business and become your own business mogul. Those impeccable tools that were never spoken of during her beginning starter years is the fuel that fires the sole purpose of this exclusive event, which is to educate fellow women on the most important aspects of business. And who else more would you prefer to lecture than Rochelle Alikay, Global Beauty Mogul herself!

What to Expect:

Business workshops with Rochelle Alikay

Entrepreneurship 101

Learn the basics on how to run a business from the legal structure, startup essentials, and understanding what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

Goal Setting, Success Mapping, Execution Strategies

Success doesn’t just happen! It’s important to have a structured plan. Learn how to set and execute structured goals to ensure your business is successful.

Financing Your Business

Learn about the different financing options to start up and grow your company. Also learn budgeting strategies to run a business with limited capital.

Marketing, Social Media, Branding

Learn how to brand for success through strategic social media and marketing tactics. Understand how effective branding and marketing campaigns can lead to increase sales.

Human Resources 101

Understand the appropriate leadership and management skills needed to build strong company culture. Gain tools and resources to effectively hire employee. Understand the importance and difference between being a leader and a boss.

Also includes a personal workbook to write in during the event to take home

    Also Includes:

    - Meet and Greet with Rochelle Alikay
    - Buffet style brunch with cold refreshments and decadent dessert
    - Strategic Workbook
    - VIP Gift Bag
    - Q & A

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